Desert Safari Dubai

We provide desert safari Dubai as well as desert safari Abu Dhabi trip that takes you directly into the center of the desert, in which you go through the adventure of the roller-coaster tour down the astonishing high dunes. A visit to the UAE provides you a genuine adventure in to the beautiful landscape. Giving you a breath taking look at the limitless desert and provides a chance to look at the sun’s rays setting over this amazing sight.

Contrasting Sights of Desert Safari Dubai

desert safari Dubai tour with tourist DubaiLater on we go to the Al Shamsi Bedouin village, where everyone can board on camels, a place where you’ll be delighted to see the contrasts of the desert in the evening. Here you’re going to get information of the typical lifestyle of Bedouins. Wear the typical Arabic dress; enjoy the fresh sweets of Arab, then try out shisha and henna painting.

Traditional Arabian Foods Served at the Dubai Desert Safari

A delicious barbeque meal with fresh grilled meat is served where you have many options of appetizers, salads and sweets. At the end a belly dance performance for entertainment where you will be shaking your body on the rhythms of Arabic tunes.

One of the Best Desert Safari Abu Dhabi Company

It’s our great pride introducing you to desert safari Abu Dhabi; we are located in the city and also have branches all over the Emirates including Dhabi, the cultural capital of UAE. We provide you wide selection of trips and activities inside the Emirates that give you the opportunity to spend your memorable time in the very best regions of gulf, the people, and the custom and also the culture. Because of the excellent services, we are now known as the best desert safari Dubai tour organizer. With the multilingual staff, Dubai safari guarantees you really great and risk free trip. Check us out, as we would like to greet you and also take the pleasure to show you this fantastic city and its surroundings.

Amazing Abu Dhabi Desert Safari

The amazing desert that is outside the Liwa oasis is the best place for safari in Dubai. With lengthy sand valley and 300 meter dunes, no one can get bored of this thrilling adventure. Get a 4wd vehicle from city also don’t forget to get a map and explore as much as you want. But make sure you are not going alone some other vehicles should be present there for any unwanted situation.

The tour to the desert will begin with a thrilling dune bashing with our 4×4 Dubai desert safari vehicles. That navigates along the desert safari Abu Dhabi with Tourist Dubaibumpy trail in the red sands. With two decades experience of the UAE hospitality industry, Internet Tours and Abu Dhabi safari experience we invite site visitors to Marvel in the Empty Quarter (Rub al Khali), crane their neck at Moreeb Hill and also the Empty Quarter’s 300-metre high sand dunes and revel in smoky sunsets and luminous sunrises.

Abu Dhabi safari tour goes towards the farms of camel and old settlements which represent the fantastic traditional nomadic style of living of the Arabs. After lunch the visitors will take their time to check out the camels and live stock animals before going to their tents to spend the night in the moonlight. In the morning after a beautiful sunrise, the desert safari Dubai trip comes back to the city.