Skydiving Dubai

Our skydiving center is the only modern and state of the art skydiving center in UAE. Having superb facilities, excellent staff, high end equipment, an excellent location right alongside worldwide Marine Club, great weather for jumping and also the best aircraft. Our skydiving Dubai spot give you an amazing look at The Palm Jumeirah. This is not for that faint heart-ted, but when you are brave enough to leap from an airplane at almost 13,000 feet, a sky dive over theĀ magnificent city of Dubai is the best way of seeing all of the incredible landmarks in a position and height that very few can experience. Another fascinating adventure that you can enjoy is the desert safari Dubai tour.

Skydiving Dubai on Burj Al Arab

It’s not necessary to attend hours of coaching to attempt skydiving Dubai but if you want to be a professional solo sky diver and are on a vacation having a few thousand Dirham in hand and of course are an adrenaline junkie, then you have to do this. First timers are going to be chaperoned by a skilled, qualified and experienced sky diver, who will share exactly the same parachute. Simple tips and instruction are given but the most important thing to remember is to be calm and enjoy this moment and experience. The usual time for a free fall is about a minute while the remaining parachute flight takes almost an hour to get to the ground. The total time allotted to skydiving should be 3 hours. Keep in mind that free fall dive is for those individuals who are 18 or above.

Simulated Skydiving in Dubai by iFLY

For individuals wanting to get a thrill but need a little indoor training first, a firm known as iFly offers simulated skydiving experience that they claim is extremely close to the real sense of skydiving Dubai, but obviously with no view! Kids even at the age of three years and grownups can check out the simulator. The free fall time in this case is really longer than your real one. First you have to take a 15 minute training using a video demo and jumpsuits and after that the actual experience begins in a vertical wind tunnel in the presence of a supervising professional. Kids like it a lot and lots of grown up adults take this simulated indoor skydiving experience in order to get familiar with the idea of sky diving.

Two drop zones for Dubai Skydiving

Dubai Skydiving on Palm JumeirahOur drop zone of Palm Jumeirah offers tandem jumps for new jumpers, but additionally fun jumps for skilled skydivers as well (minimum 500 jumps & D license needed). Coached jumps are also offered in most disciplines but you have to book it in advance.

Our skydiving Dubai desert Campus is the learning place for Skydivers, providing the perfect atmosphere for those who want to understand progress and learn the sport of skydiving. Our skydiving Dubai instructors are some of the best and the most experienced in the world, and they can teach you in several languages including English, Arabic, Japanese, German, Spanish and Romanian. You can also enjoy the trilling desert safari Dubai adventure while your stay in UAE.